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How much does a Taxi cost? Which is cheaper, Town car service, Uber, limo, or other Ridesharing? Compare Taxi Rates system is your one-stop trusted resource, a tool to search Limo Service, Ride Sharing, Ride-Hailing, and Taxi Service comparing Airport Taxi Fares with Uber, Lyft, or other Ride-Sharing. We also offer a community forum for everyone to engage in questions or answers regards to Ridesharing, Airport Taxis, Cabs, Ride-Hailing, and limousine Service. You can use our taxi rates Android or Ios app and also the web-based system to get an estimate. Our system Compare ride in a taxicab, Limo Service, Airport car service. It takes only a few seconds to add your pickup/drop-off locations, time and hit search. You will find rates for a limo rental, sedan car service, taxis, and compare with Uber, or Lyft. We are the first system which compares all transportation modes like a limousine, taxi cabs, and ride-sharing. You can compare per-person cost in a limo, Ridesharing, or taxis and choose the best yet affordable. 

Our Mission/Strategy

We created Compare Taxi Rates system for people to compare taxi rates with Limo Service, Airport Car Service, Airport Taxi Fares, Uber, and Lyft. Our app shows you the prices and also distance, and needed time to get to your destination. So you can plan your trip with ease. Any Limo companies, taxi service providers, or ridesharing service can add their rates and get business through our app. You can also become a ride-hailing service provider with minimum investment by using our sister company called My Limo Ride. Any questions or want o add your company and taxi rates to our system, please email us in@taxirates.ca

Our Benefits

The passenger transportation industry is changing with new technologies. You can now use an online system like ours to calculate distance, the time required to get from point A to B, and available cars on a given time. You can use our system to calculate all these and offer upfront all-inclusive prices — no need to spend much money to create a network and then hire someone to maintain your taxi apps. 
We also allow people to hire just drivers so you can travel in your car with a professional driver, driving you everywhere you need to go. You pay affordable hourly rates. 
We offer six months of a free trial, and then you can decide to continue or cancel your plan. We offer very affordable packages starting from $50 per month for one city, where your company can compare with many other taxi services, limo rental, or ridesharing. 
You can join us as a partner rater then paying monthly adverting. This way, you don't pay anything if you get no business. When you do get a booking, you will pay a small percentage. 

Recent Taxi Rate Queries

  • 10/24/2020 12:38:47 AM From : Mission, BC, Canada, Canada To : 33911 Hazelwood Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7V2, Canada, Canada
         Best Price :$22.8 Avg Price :$54.39
  • 10/23/2020 6:18:24 PM From : 30440 Liberator Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6H5, Canada, Canada To : 3460 Prince Edward St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3X7, Canada, Canada
         Best Price :$142.04 Avg Price :$147.69
  • 10/23/2020 4:31:28 AM From : 1301 Main St, Penticton, BC V2A 2Y3, Canada, Canada To : 1410 Cedar St, Okanagan Falls, BC V0H 1R4, Canada, Canada
         Best Price :$45.6 Avg Price :$45.6
  • 10/22/2020 9:23:22 PM From : 3329 Hazel Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3E 3H3, Canada, Canada To : 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC V7B 0A4, Canada, Canada
         Best Price :$104.4 Avg Price :$110.29
  • 10/22/2020 2:36:50 PM From : Cochrane, ON, Canada, Canada To : North Bay, ON, Canada, Canada
         Best Price :$670.41 Avg Price :$670.41
  • 10/22/2020 5:02:19 AM From : 2806 25 St, Vernon, BC V1T 4P9, Canada, Canada To : 4667 E Vernon Rd, Vernon, BC V1B 3H9, Canada, Canada
         Best Price :$14.44 Avg Price :$14.44
  • 10/22/2020 3:37:29 AM From : 2929 Tims St, Abbotsford, BC V2T 2K8, Canada, Canada To : 1000-7899 Templeton Station Rd, Richmond, BC V7B 0B7, Canada, Canada
         Best Price :$166.46 Avg Price :$167.61
  • 10/22/2020 3:16:23 AM From : 1221 Wilson Crescent, Saskatoon, SK S7J 2M8, Canada, Canada To : 2625 Airport Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7L 7L1, Canada, Canada
         Best Price :$46.54 Avg Price :$46.54
  • 10/22/2020 1:14:10 AM From : 2000 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3H 1C2加拿大, Canada To : 加拿大曼尼托巴省斯坦巴克, Canada
         Best Price :$144.67 Avg Price :$144.67
  • 10/21/2020 10:33:56 PM From : 3035 Airport Rd #101, Kamloops, BC V2B 7X1, Canada, Canada To : 7431 Shertenlib Rd, Lone Butte, BC V0K 1X2, Canada, Canada
         Best Price :$265.08 Avg Price :$265.08
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