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Compare Whistler Taxi Rates

My Limo Ride App offer similar, same or better rates than taxicabs. For up to 4 people sedan car service is best option. 5-8 people stretch car limousine is most cost effective. If you have 10-12 people then Stretch SUV limos can do the trick but if are even more 13-30 then hire limo bus. Town Car Service Whistler BC to Vancouver airport cost about $161. Sedan Car from Whistler BC to Vancouver night clubs cost about $125. If you have group of 5-9 people then stretch limo is best option and cost you $176 but for airport trip it limo can carry only 6 people with luggage. Stretch SUV limousines cost about $204 all these price estimates are including tax but not tip.

Whistler Limo Rates

Taxis are most affordable for short distance trips. Taxicabs also can be hailed from street or from any cab stand. Starting flag rate is $3.20, it cost $1.84 every KM, and Wait Time (hourly) is 32.86 $0.10 for each consecutive 10.95 seconds. Taxi operators in the Lower Mainland must charge the metered rates set out above unless they are picking up passengers at the Vancouver International Airport and taking them to Richmond or Vancouver. It can cost you more, it you get stuck in traffic as cab meter are distance and time based.

Whistler Taxi Rate Queries⚫ 14-Nov-2017 From : Whistler Mountain, Whistler, BC, Canada To : Vancouver International Airport, Grant McConachie Way, Richmond, BC, Canada
   My Limo Ride Best Price : $ 305.88 Taxi Average Charges : $ 281.61
⚫ 11-Nov-2017 From : Whistler, BC, Canada To : Vancouver, BC, Canada
   My Limo Ride Best Price : $ 289.62 Taxi Average Charges : $ 249.78
⚫ 01-Nov-2017 From : Kadenwood Drive, Whistler, BC, Canada To : Whistler village, Whistler Way, Whistler, BC, Canada
   My Limo Ride Best Price : $ 101.25 Taxi Average Charges : $ 19.36
⚫ 29-Oct-2017 From : 1209 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler, BC, Canada To : 3201 Arbutus Drive, Whistler, BC, Canada
   My Limo Ride Best Price : $ 96.19 Taxi Average Charges : $ 18.84
⚫ 28-Oct-2017 From : 4929 Horstman Lane, Whistler, BC, Canada To : Downtown, Vancouver, BC, Canada
   My Limo Ride Best Price : $ 293.38 Taxi Average Charges : $ 256.67
⚫ 28-Oct-2017 From : chateau whistler hotel, Nancy Greene Drive, Whistler, BC, Canada To : West Vancouver, BC, Canada
   My Limo Ride Best Price : $ 278.82 Taxi Average Charges : $ 232.87
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